AP Digital has worked with many prominent as well as small Institutions to create informative and compelling images that assist them in understanding, explaining and presenting their ideas and projects. We have created complete and realistic-looking presentations from architect's drawings, CADD files, conceptual diagrams, napkin sketches and even ideas.

  Children's Hospital, PA   Neptune Highschool, NJ   Rutger's University, NJ   St. Anthony's Highschool, NY  
  Sephora MSU Performance Center, NJ   Touro College, Queens NY   YMCA, Smithtown NY   Museum of the City, NY    
  Merrill Lynch Office Lobby   Development Research Center, TN   Oxford Performing Center, CT   Williamsburg Day Care, NY    
  Zion Baptist Church, NY   Dalton School Library, NY   Hospital Oncology Building, NY   Sacred Heart University Chapel, CT